Gear Up!

A common phrase heard in the military. When the commander gives that order, it means grab what you need and get ready, because it's time to move forward!

Here at KiDs Beach Club®, we are making plans to GEAR UP! for the summer and continue our mission of empowering Christ-followers to innovatively take the message of Christ to kids.

Without a doubt, GEAR UP! is a directive from our commanding officer, but it is also a challenge. Giving to non-profit organizations significantly drops during the summer months. At KiDs Beach Club®, the months of May through July are the leanest ones in the year. We are GEARING UP! for an incredible fall with a focus on growing our Clubs, but we need your help now.

In the month of May, we are boldly asking each of you to help us GEAR UP! for the lean months ahead.

You're gift will help us continue to give every preteen boy and girl a Jesus experience!

Gearing up to give is easy, too! Either scan the QR Code, click on the GEAR UP! button (below) or text GEARUPKBC to 41444.

GEAR UP! Will culminate on a focused day of giving, Thursday May 30th, but you can give all throughout the month!

Thanks for helping us GEAR UP! this May! 

Gear Up!

One of the most iconic images from American history was created in 1917 (near the end of the first World War), when a man named James Flagg developed an image of Uncle Sam that was significantly different from previous artists’ interpretations. Flagg’s depiction of a strong, resolute Uncle Sam pointing a finger became a huge morale booster to the U.S., resulting in a skyrocket of enlistments. With a single image, Flagg motivated an entire nation to GEAR UP for what was ahead!

Similarly, KiDs Beach Club® (KBC) is making plans to GEAR UP for what's ahead: the summer months! Historically, summers are a financial challenge and are fiscally lean months.

You see, there seems to be a correlation between summer vacation and donor enlistment. When the sun is the brightest in the states, donations to non-profits decline. When school is out and family vacations begin, most people are not thinking about "back to school."

But for KBC, it's the opposite! BACK TO SCHOOL consumes us because summer is when we are GEARING UP for the next school year! It's when we are making sure all trainings are scheduled to launch new Clubs, and it's when we need to order a new batch of t-shirt inventory. It's also when we check our Bible inventory to make sure we have enough in stock to distribute for free to all kids who attend Club! SUMMER is when we GEAR UP for the great things God has planned for the 2024-25 school year!

Know this: KBC is committed to our mission of empowering Christ followers to innovatively take the message of Christ to kids! To quote Uncle Sam, "We want you!" (KBC needs you!) Will you enlist today?

You can scan the QR code, Text GEARUPKBC to 414443, or just click the GEAR UP! button below!

(Just $20 will sponsor a Bible!)

No matter the amount, your gift TODAY will help us continue to fulfill our vision of giving every preteen boy and girl a Jesus experience.

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