Year-End Giving

Your Gifts Have Huge Impact on Kids, Families

Have you checked out the front page of the KBC website recently?

At this time last year, we reached out to you to prayerfully consider making a financial gift and come along side us in reaching our goal of 200 Beach Clubs. Thankfully, you responded with funds to help us do just that and I’m thrilled to tell you on October 22 that goal was accomplished. It now has “DONE” stamped all over it! We reached 200 Beach Clubs with even more coming each week that are set to launch in February 2020. I’m amazed!

You are part of an amazing army of volunteers and supporters guiding our ministry that currently has more than 2,500 volunteers discipling more than 9,000 students in after-school Bible clubs across the United States every single week.

You have to read this conversation KBC Founder Jack Terrell had with a Beach Club leader who called with a request for one more Bible.

Jack: “Why just the one Bible?”

Club Leader: “The week after our Great Treasure Day, a student asked me for another Bible. I asked him what happened to the Bible he received last week.”

Student: “My dad has it.”

Club Leader: “So, he doesn’t want you to have one?”

Student: “No, my dad is reading it, and now I don’t have one to read.”

Club Leader: “I gladly handed the student another KBC Bible and asked him to keep me posted about what he and his dad are reading.”

The impact of KiDs Beach Club® on a student is powerful, but the impact on a student’s family is priceless and your gifts are making a huge difference in the lives of families across America.

Father is compelling us to stand in the gap and remain vigilant. Why? Because He is not ready for the doors into our public schools to close. We have prayerfully sought His direction and He has guided us on an aggressive growth strategy that will stretch us like never before. ENVISION2k25 will allow KiDs Beach Club® to shift from adding clubs each year to a multiplication strategy that will equip 25,000 volunteers to impact 100,000 students in 2,000 Beach Clubs on a weekly basis by January 2025.

In order for us to remain vigilant we need your support. We have an operational need of $120,000 as a year-end financial goal. Please join us by donating online or simply by texting “Bibles” to 345-345.

Thank you for being part of the KBC family. Together, we are impacting our communities for Christ and making Jesus Cool at School!


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