Year-End Giving

As we prayerfully get back into public schools this fall, we want to thank you for sustaining and encouraging this ministry with your financial gifts and prayers.  Please click the red button below to give a financial gift which greatly helps us to produce weekly Beach Club at HOME! TV shows and share the gospel to children in their homes while they wait to return to Beach Clubs in their schools.


Watch All the Beach Club at Home! Episodes

Zacchaeus Meets Jesus - Generosity

Nicodemus Talks with Jesus - Confidence

Angels Apeear - Obedience

God Gives Israel a King - Contentment

David Shows Kindness - Kindness

Daniel Chooses God's Way - Self Control

Nehemiah Builds a Wall - Determination

Queen Esther Saves Her People - Courage

Special Episode - Great Treasure Day!

Matthew Follows Jesus - Love

Jesus Goes to the Temple - Respect

Two Men Pray - Humility

The Last Supper/Jesus is Alive - Responsibility

Jesus Ascends into Heaven - Thankfulness

Peter Escapes from Prison - Confidence

Welcome to Beach Club - Dependability

God Creates Everything - Orderliness

Joseph Forgives His Brothers - Forgiveness

Israelites Escape Egypt - Courage

Jonathan Helps a Friend - Friendliness

Samaritan's Compassion - Compassion

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