Dec 16 4:23 PM

God at Work

Dec 16 4:23 PM
Dec 16 4:23 PM

Dr. Tonya Mamantov, Floyd Elementary from KiDs Beach Club on Vimeo.

KiDs Beach Club® recently partnered with Hickory Tree Baptist Church in Balch Springs, Texas to start a Beach Club at Floyd Elementary in nearby Mesquite.

Five elementary schools in Mesquite Independent School District already offered KiDs Beach Club®, but not Floyd, where Dr. Tonya Mamantov became principal in 2014. She had worked as an assistant principal at Porter Elementary, where they had a Beach Club, and taught at Hanby, which added a Beach Club after she left to be the principal at Floyd. 

She has been praying for KiDs Beach Club® to come to her school since she arrived. Her prayers did not fall on deaf ears and God began to work.

Shortly, God sent Hickory Tree pastor Alex Gonzales to visit the school. When he stopped by to see how his church could help the school, Mamantov invited him into her office and began telling him about KBC. She pulled up the organization’s website and planted a seed.

Gonzales returned to his church and mentioned KiDs Beach Club® to the church’s Children’s Pastor Jason Points, who went out to his car and retrieved a folder he received from KBC Executive Director Cindy Leach in October.

This string of events was clearly orchestrated by God. The new Beach Club starts in February. 

To hear more from Dr. Tonya Mamantov and her thoughts on the benefits for schools in partnering with KiDs Beach Club®, watch the video above.


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