Aug 18 4:41 PM

In the Spirit of Giving

Aug 18 4:41 PM
Aug 18 4:41 PM

On the day of Great Treasure Day last spring, one Beach Club in North Texas had a new third-grade student attend for the first time.

The club leader had just the right number of Bibles on hand for the students who were previously enrolled. Since every child in every Beach Club gets a Bible, club leaders have to submit their Bible order two weeks in advance so they will have the right number of Bibles on hand for Great Treasure Day. This club leader was sad to realize that she didn’t have an extra Bible to give to the young boy and that he would have to wait two weeks to get his own Bible.

As she contemplated how to solve this dilemma, one of the Beach Club members stepped forward and solved the problem. The student, who had been a part of the club for two years, already had a Bible at home. He took his new Bible and scratched through his own name on the label his club leader had placed inside, wrote the name of the new boy and handed it to his friend. “You need this more than I do,” he said so his friend could have a Bible that day.

The boy’s generosity was certainly a touching moment, but what made it even more special was what happened in club later that semester. The recipient of that KiDs Beach Club® Explorer’s Study Bible continued to attend club in the weeks that followed, and just before Easter, made Jesus his Forever Friend.

God used the kindness of a friend and the power of His Word to draw that young boy into a relationship.

Certainly the heart of that child had a lot to do with that moment, but his gesture would not have been possible without your support of our Bibles for Beach Club program and our mission to connect kids to Christ.


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