Jun 30 9:12 AM

Jack Terrell goes to Kids Camp

Jun 30 9:12 AM
Jun 30 9:12 AM

June 23-27 our very own Jack Terrell, President of KiDs Beach Club®, had the joy of serving as Camp Pastor for "The Expedition ... Journey to the center of the Truth" kids camp at Riverbend Retreat Center in Glen Rose, Texas.


Each night 560+ campers gathered for a time of high-spirited worship followed by a time of exploring the Bible. The faith of the kids was strengthened as Jack's teaching times focused on three simple words: Come. Change. Commit. He taught that we come to Jesus just as we are, "warts and all". When we encounter Jesus there is always going to be change because holiness leads to living a life sold out to Christ and we commit to follow Him once we know and believe He is God.   


During the day Jack had fun shuttling kids around in a golf cart from one activity to another. Each child who got in his golf cart would begin sharing a part of his or her story. One young man named  Caleb almost caused Jack to wreck.

As Jack and Caleb were talking, Jack learned Caleb was from Arlington, Texas and asked him what school he attended. Caleb exclaimed, "Mary Moore Elementary!" and Jack then asked if he knew about a Beach Club that meets after school there. Caleb quickly smiled back at Jack and said, "You mean KiDs Beach Club?" Caleb didn't stop there, he continued to tell Jack with the most enthusiasm you can imagine in a soon to be 4th grader that it was there that he received a Bible. He was so excited about telling Jack that his KBC Bible was given to him at school. When asked what he liked most about going to a Beach Club, Caleb quickly responded, "All of it. I like it all!"

Now you can see why this might have caused Jack to wreck his golf cart. Reaching children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the heartbeat of Jack and the ministry of KiDs Beach Club®. It is our honor and privilege to partner with local churches to share this good news on public school campuses. Connecting KiDs to Christ ... Putting Bibles in their hands!


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