The self-guided study guide “Jesus, Baptism and Me: Foundational Principles for Young Believers” was created as a tool
to help parents prepare their younger children for the important step of faith – following Jesus Christ in water baptism.
In this booklet you and your child will make the following discoveries: Assurance, Obedience, Expectation and Growth.
It is meant to be a resource for children who have made a profession of faith in Beach Club®.



Each Beach Club® will be provided with one (1) free copy of this booklet to give to children who make a profession of faith.
Additional copies are available for purchase in the Surf Shop or you may download a PDF of this publication to provide instead.

Jesus, Baptism and Me
Foundational Principles For Young Believers
© 2010, 2015 Resurrection Christian Outreach – Kirk L. Zehnder

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