"I Rejoice at Your Word as One Who Finds Great Treasure."

Psalm 119:162 

KiDs Beach Club® gives a free KBC Study Bible to every child in every Beach Club. This Bible is specially designed for KiDs with tools built-in to encourage further Bible study at home and in the family.

Click on each image below to to see each "tip-in page" that complements KBC's character-building curriculum.



Insert / Tip-In Pages


This Bible Was Given To 

How to Use This Bible 

Character Words 

 About the Bible

Spending Time with God 

 The 10 Commandments

Bible Heroes 

God is... 

 Living Wisely

God Loves You 

Who Died on the Cross 

 How to Know God

What Do I Pray 

 Children in the Bible

 Bible Verse to Help 

Fruit of the Spirit

 Jesus is the Perfect Example

 Who Jesus Is

What Jesus Does

Assignments From God

 Dear Parents

The Bible is Gods Word

 Can Kids Make a Difference

Making Jesus Cool at School 

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