Sep 30 9:47 AM

KiDs Beach Club is Making an Impact

Sep 30 9:47 AM
Sep 30 9:47 AM


Chris Burton, the children’s minister at First Euless, is a volunteer at KiDs Beach Club at North Euless Elementary School. He initially provided this powerful testimony at the KBC Basic Training event at Christ Church in Irving in August and shared it again with us. We offer it as encouragement so you realize how much KBC is making a difference in the lives of the children who attend Beach Club.

“We were there at North Euless one day and the kids really weren’t listening. We were trying to get their attention. To say that we weren’t frustrated would be a lie because we were a little frustrated.

I asked the kids, ‘Guys, why are you here?’

When I asked that question, one little girl stood up in the midst of all the kids and she said, ‘Mr. Chris, I would love to tell you why I’m here.’

She began to tell me her story about how she lives with her mom – it’s just her and her mom – and how she doesn’t have a dad in the home and her mom works two jobs and works basically seven days a week and that includes Sundays. So they can’t ever make it to church. She told me, she looked at me and said, ‘Mr. Chris, this is my only time to hear about Jesus.’

When she said that to us, God just did something inside of us. It changed our whole Beach Club for that year. It changed what we were doing with the kids. It changed the leaders perspective in the way that they were excited about Beach Club. God just did a work in our club that year through what that little girl said.”

First Euless ministers to hundreds of these children each week through eight different Beach Clubs. 

“The reason why it is so important for us to have eight (Beach) Clubs,” Burton continued. “The thing about our church that we are definitely Kingdom minded. We understand and try really hard to get our kids – that we are a part of in Beach Club in the different schools – to our church. We know a lot of those kids may never make it.

Why it is important for a church to be Kingdom-minded is realizing that even though you’re reaching these kids and that even though some of these kids may not ever come to your church. It doesn’t change the fact that us not sitting where we are in our church waiting for people to come to us. Us not sitting and doing that is so important because it is so important for us to go to where they are. Because there are so many kids out there that aren’t able to come to church and that is outside of their control.

But as a church, we shouldn’t be waiting for kids to come to us. We should be going to them and taking Jesus to them. Where is the best place to do that, especially when you’re talking about kids? That is in the school system. God has opened the door through KiDs Beach Club® for us to be able to do that and all we have to do is step into it. That’s one thing I love about Beach Club. It gives us the opportunity to do that. We teach kids the Bible. There is probably no other way we would be able to do that if it weren’t for KiDs Beach Club®.”


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