Apr 27 10:27 AM

KiDs Beach Club® is Reaching a ‘Lost Generation’

Apr 27 10:27 AM
Apr 27 10:27 AM

What a celebration April 16 at the Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner & Auction. We celebrated the 10th year of KiDs Beach Club® and applauded how powerfully God has blessed this ministry since it was founded.

A total of 12,255 volunteers have helped connect 66,830 children to Christ and you have helped put 40,269 Bibles in their hands. As of the day before the big night, a total of 6,954 children had made Jesus their Forever Friend.

KiDs Beach Club® is providing children with hope and pointing them in the right direction. That should be celebrated. In an era when people are out to prove God to be wrong, KBC is walking children and their families down the right path. 

It’s a path that is not always easy to find, especially in a society that is trying to go forward without Biblically based Christian values. That is why 62 percent of all children who attend a Beach Club do not have a church home.

“These kids are not getting the Truth at home,” said Chris Krok, a talk-show host on WBAP Radio in Dallas, who delivered the keynote speech at the Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner & Auction. “They’re not seeing God or Christ in their homes.” This is your one shot. This is your chance to do something for them to bust the mold.”

He shared numbers with the crowd to prove this point: 

  • 73 percent of African American kids are born out of wedlock
  • 54 percent of Hispanic kids are born out of wedlock
  • roughly 30 percent of white kids are born out of wedlock

He said that these kids who are born out of wedlock and raised in a single-parent home are more likely to go to jail, be on welfare or drugs and are more likely to drop out of school. They’re also more likely to have sex before marriage. What a vicious cycle!

Krok, whose own kids attended Beach Club, had nothing but praise for the ministry and its supporters.

“What do you think this program is doing for this lost generation,” Krok asked rhetorically. “What kind of life preserver is being thrown to them? You should consider re-naming this ministry ‘Kids Life Preserver’ or ‘Kids Life Saver,’ but that might scare some away!”

He encouraged everyone to step out in obedience like the pastor at Hickory Tree Baptist Church did; like the leaders at Floyd Elementary School did with that pastor’s help to start a Beach Club at the school earlier this year to help bring hope to a community that faces many worldly challenges he mentioned during his speech. 

What KiDs Beach Club® is doing in the lives of children at Floyd, throughout Texas and around the country is a result of people stepping out in obedience to the Lord. 

Equipping these kids with the word of God and arming each child with a Bible, KiDs Beach Club® is making a difference and we couldn’t do it without your help!

“You may not have the time, but have the money,” Krok said during the event held exclusively to raise money for Bibles. “You may not have the money, but have the time. Pour out yourself into a drink offering for the Lord.”

As a result of the Benefit Dinner & Auction, KiDs Beach Club® will place an order in May for another 10,000 Bibles so that kids will receive a copy of God’s word when clubs resume next fall. That number can grow even more if more people become a valuable monthly Bible donor. Click here to support us in this unique way to support KiDs Beach Club® and throw a life preserver to kids and families who need us most.



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