Aug 13 5:48 PM

Riding The Wave in KiDs Beach Club®

Aug 13 5:48 PM
Aug 13 5:48 PM

Growing up in Houston at age 16, I found my self-driving the 38 miles to the Gulf of Mexico to sit on the Galveston sea wall to watch people. There you would see the occasional surfer trying to surf. All the locals knew that if you really wished to catch a wave to surf you would go off West Beach. Soon I found myself searching surf shops for a good inexpensive board. Not long I was paddling out to the open Gulf to experience the thrill of catching a wave and surfing. The most critical point in surfing is looking back to where the waves are first forming to catch a wave. Now it’s paddle, paddle, paddle and pop-up to begin enjoying the ride.

I discovered there are four very important elements to riding a wave. First, you have to determine to get off the sea wall. This is the moment when you purpose in your mind to make a difference no matter the cost. Second, you have to find a surfboard. This is when you discover your God-given talent and the tools He has for you. Third is taking your surfboard and learning to surf. It’s at this moment when you begin looking for God’s place like a Beach Club in order to begin using your new tools. Finally, once you have spotted your wave you jump onboard and enjoy the ride. Finding your spot in a Beach Club allows you to ride the wave the Lord has for you. With each wave you ride, I pray you become more skilled, joyfully fulfilled and personally committed to riding waves with excellence.


Jack Terrell
Founder & President



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