KiDs Beach Club Founder and President Jack Terrell with an important message on how you can partner with us to share the Gospel with kids world across the United States and around the world.

Step-by-Step Video to Share Fundraising Page with Your Friends

Simple Steps to Creating and Sharing Your Page

Your Personalized Page
(Comes with your own personal text to give number)

Follow these 10 Easy Steps

  1. Click KBC FUNDRAISING PAGE button below
  2. Click the BECOME A FUNDRAISER button
  3. Enter your NAME, PHONE, EMAIL to create your page
  4. Click on JOIN A TEAM button
  5. Enter KBC VOLUNTEER in the search box
  6. Click blue JOIN button to become part of that team
  8. Upload your PHOTO, set your fundraising goal and message
  9. SHARE your page by clicking on icons on top right
  10. PRAY for the Lord to bring in the funds to get HIS WORD to millions of kids around the world in KiDs Beach Club TV.

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