Mar 25 3:38 PM

Special Guest at Sherrod Elementary Beach Club

Mar 25 3:38 PM
Mar 25 3:38 PM

Lt. Scott Brown of the Arlington Police Department was a guest speaker at Beach Club at Sherrod Elementary in Arlington, Texas last month. Lt. Brown comes to Beach Club each year to encourage the kids and share his strong faith in the Lord.

Lt. Brown encouraged the kids to apply themselves in school and stay in school. He also shared with them how important his faith is to him, emphasizing the importance of prayer and how that the last thing he does each night.

It is ever apparent that children today are in desperate need of good role models and Lt. Brown is certainly a stellar example. The children enjoyed hearing from Lt. Brown, getting to meet him and even take a picture with him.

Joe Montana Odhiambo, pictured with Lt. Brown, enjoys Beach Club and came to faith in Christ earlier this school year. Joe has a fun story about his name. One of the leaders was having trouble pronouncing his last name and Joe said, "Just call me Joe Montana." The leader chuckled and asked if he was named after the famous football player. Not having any idea about American football, it was explained that Montana is his middle name and in his native African language Montana means "blessing."

Susan Jiura, Club Leader, shared that they are having a great time with the kids this year. Thanks to several generous donations she was able to buy all the children a Beach Club t-shirt and the clubbers were absolutely thrilled!   Beach Club at Sherrod Elementary is sponsored by Pantego Bible Church.

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