Oct 23 8:37 AM

Bibles for Beach Club Update

Oct 23 8:37 AM
Oct 23 8:37 AM
Bibles for Beach Club Update

September 27, 2014 we held our annual benefit dinner and auction fundraiser and had a wonderful time with everyone who was able to attend.  This year all proceeds went toward our initiative of providing every child in Beach Club a Bible of their own.  The new KiDs Beach Club® Study Bible is in production and we are expecting our first shipment in the coming weeks.  This spring will be the first installment of this initiative as we anticipate putting a Bible in the hands of 10,000 children.

We know that God's word is the greatest treasure on earth. We know that it is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. We know it is sharper than any two-edged sword and can cut through anything.  We want to equip children and root them in the life changing word of God.  We have seen in the news recently increased opposition to the things of God and especially the reading of His word by students in schools.

Last Thursday, October 16, was Bring Your Bible To School Day. This Day of Dialogue initiative, sponsored by Focus on the Family, was designed to encourage students to celebrate their religious freedoms and share God's hope with their peers. We rejoice that KiDs Beach Club® has been able to distribute over 21,000 Bibles to Beach Club children and encourage them to bring their Bible to school every day since 2003.  We are excited to continue and eagerly anticipate putting 10,000 Bibles in the hands of every Beach Club student this spring.


Michalla Revland, Area Director in Mesquite, Texas, shared recently that she had the privilege of leading four kids to Christ at the new Beach Club at Hanby Elementary and only one said they had a Bible in their home. "Thank you from clubs "in the field" that have the comfort in knowing that a Bible will get in the hands of all the Beach Clubbers.  What a great way for kids to be able to grow in their faith and for God's word to go inside the homes.  It is a true blessing to give each child the Word of God."


We are trusting the Lord for an army of monthly supporters to sustain this initiative over the course of many, many years. We are committed to it for the long haul, until God says stop or Christ returns. Thank you to those who have already joined with us in this effort.  For those who want to get started, click here to support Bibles for Beach Club

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