Feb 21 7:24 PM

2020 KiDs Beach Club® Award Winners

Feb 21 7:24 PM
Feb 21 7:24 PM

KiDs Beach Club® was thrilled to recognize our outstanding award winners this year at the 2020 Train Up A Child Conference.

Each year, KiDs Beach Club® honors churches for their faithful service with a Five Year Award or Ten Year Award. We are also pleased to be ready to offer our first 15 Year Awards next year.  “These churches are passionate and faithful.  They are committed to being the hands and feet of Jesus by fulfilling the great commission in their communities through KiDs Beach Club®,” said Tammy Terrell, Club Relations Director.

Additionally, we honor several individual volunteers with the Presidential Award.  “The Presidential Award recipient possesses the courage to stand in adversity, lead others to greatness and dream about what could be; not just settling for what is,” said Jack Terrell, President and Founder of KiDs Beach Club®.

Join us in honoring these faithful churches and volunteers! Click on the link below to see our outstanding award recipients.


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