Feb 20 4:35 PM

A Child Made Jesus Their Forever Friend, Now What?

Feb 20 4:35 PM
Feb 20 4:35 PM

Kirk Zehnder, the pastor at The Fellowship at Weatherford, Texas, which partners with KiDs Beach Club®, has written a book designed to help parents prepare their younger children to take the next step in discipleship after their Beach Club kid chooses to make Jesus their Forever Friend.

"It is good to see them coming to Christ,” Zehnder said. “But what do we do with them after they have come to Christ?"

Zehnder is passionate about KiDs Beach Club® and the opportunities the ministry brings to connect kids to Christ, but he is equally excited about the opportunities to lead their parents to Christ and connect the entire family to a local church, specifically the church that partners with KiDs Beach Club®.

In his book, "Jesus, Baptism and Me," Zehnder clearly presents the next step for a child after making Jesus their Forever Friend, which is baptism and learning to walk with Jesus every day.

"What do we do as far as a discipleship step? How do we get them on a pathway about learning about what they've done and then on a pathway about how to grow in Christ? And then connect the dots so that we can connect them to a local church?"

The book was written with these goals in mind and is designed to be done by a child along with their parents. It goes step by step through the gospel again and shares what it means to follow Jesus. This is with intention to eliminate the uncertainty that a child made strictly an emotional decision or accepted the invitation of salvation just because a friend did too.

"Jesus, Baptism and Me" will prepare a child for baptism. There is no set timing for a child to complete the book. Zehnder encourages all to go through it at the pace of the child without rushing so you can enjoy the discipleship time. Baptism is meant to happen once and Zehnder has written this book so that children will understand baptism as well as the importance and significance of what they are doing.

“I want a child to really know what they are doing and cherish it forever,” he said.

With an emphasis on baptism, the book also covers how to be close to Jesus, reading and studying the Bible, prayer and living with Jesus.

A special printing of "Jesus, Baptism and Me" was made especially for KiDs Beach Club®. For easy reference for Beach Club kids, every scripture in the version includes page numbers where the scripture can be found in the KBC Explorer Study Bible to add easy reference. The child and parent are led in discussion as they go through the pages about topics as sin, redemption and repentance.

"Not only will the child be trained and discipled so that they are ready to follow the Lord in baptism," Zehnder said. "If there is an unsaved parent they will open the Bible with their child and read the word of God." 

"We want to touch children's lives, but we want to touch parents and lead their whole family to Christ," he said. That goal can be more easily accomplished by all churches and clubs through the incorporation of this book to the curriculum of KiDs Beach Club®.

KiDs Beach Club® will begin to fully integrate the “Jesus, Baptism and Me” as a resource beginning in the fall.




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