Oct 27 11:25 AM

About the Bible

Oct 27 11:25 AM
Oct 27 11:25 AM

Now that your child has his or her very own KBC Explorer’s Study Bible, we want to make sure they understand it. 

The word Bible means “book.” In fact, the Bible is THE BOOK, the most important book every written. It’s like a library of 66 smaller books that all fit together. The Bible is God’s message to all people. It tells what God is like, shows who Jesus is, and explains how we can have a relationship with God.



The Old Testament

  • Is in the front of the Bible.
  • Contains 39 books.
  • Was written many years before Jesus was born.
  • Points to a promised Messiah, who is Jesus. 

The New Testament

  • Is in the back of the Bible.
  • Contains 27 books.
  • Tells how Jesus is the promised Messiah who came to save all people from sin.
  • Explains how Jesus’ first followers became the church.
  • Tells how a person becomes a Christian.



God did. People who were listening to God wrote down the things that God wanted them to write. The Bible has many different writers who lived at different times and in different places. Yet their message remains consistent, because it’s God’s message! That makes the Bible true, dependable, trustworthy and right. 

Every part of the Bible was spoken by God and is useful for showing what is true, revealing sin, correcting errors, and teaching people how to have a right relationship with God. Because of the Bible, people can be complete through Jesus and prepared to do the things God has planned for them.

God wants you and your children to spend time with him daily and KiDs Beach Club tries to help you with that. Each week in Beach Club, your child learns a word that teaches biblical character as well as a memory link (Bible verse) to help them learn God’s word. They’re also sent home a Hang 10 page that provides a daily reading plan, activity and prayer. 

For more information about spending time with God, look at the tip-in pages in the KBC Explorer’s Study Bible between pages 242-243. Those pages provide the when, where, what and how to spend time with God every day.



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