Are You Up for the Hang 10 Challenge?
May 31 11:06 AM

Are You Up for the Hang 10 Challenge?

May 31 11:06 AM
May 31 11:06 AM

At the end of each after-school club meeting, KiDs Beach Club kids are reminded by their Surf Team leaders about the Hang 10 Challenge. The Hang 10 Challenge is an encouragement to spend 10 minutes a day hanging out with God reading the Bible and praying. KiDs Beach Club makes it easy by giving children a take home sheet with a scripture reading, activity, and prayer for each day.

The Hang 10 Challenge isn’t just for kids in our after-school clubs anymore. Now, we’re offering this resource to families around the globe, encouraging kids everywhere to spend time with God. By the way, parents, this is a great challenge for you to take on as well! Spending time with God can be done as a family or as an individual, but doing the Hang 10 Challenge as a family will lead to much needed spiritual conversations around the dinner table or wherever your family decides to spend time with God.

If you’ve been watching KiDs Beach Club TV on one of over 500 channels carrying the show in the United States, you may have already seen our Hang 10 Challenge promo starring Surf Team leaders Jason and Jordan.

Station Managers are seeing the results. "WTLW TV call letters stand for ‘Witness The Living Word’, so our partnership with KiDs Beach Club TV is a powerful way to reach the next generation with the Word of God. Older viewers love the Hang 10 Challenge as much as the children do," stated Kevin Bowers, General Manager at partner station WTLW in Lima, Ohio.

Ohio is one of many locations where families are taking the Hang 10 Challenge. Challenge commitments have come from around the United States: Indiana, Colorado, Florida, Arizona, Georgia, and more. Recently, multiple requests have come in from India. Yes, families in the nation of India are enjoying KBC TV and asking how they can create daily spiritual conversations.

You and your family can take the Hang 10 Challenge today by visiting, fill out the short form, and download all 20 weeks of Hang 10 Handouts absolutely free!

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