May 04 12:34 PM

Back Into The Fold

May 04 12:34 PM
May 04 12:34 PM

Jana and I were attending a church in west Fort Worth when we had first become a couple. While I enjoyed the church, Jana did not. Admittedly, the church was a bit overbearing and one Sunday someone had gotten onto our 3-year-old, Timothy, for dancing in the church. That was our limit, and we did not return. We just drifted away from church altogether until... the same dancing toddler reached third grade and came home with an information/permission slip about KiDs Beach Club®. He attended Beach Club every week and apparently loved the program. He would memorize the scripture given to him every week and just would not stop talking about Ms. Janet. 

One day after Beach Club, Tim had come outside with Ms. Janet in tow and she invited the family to Center Point Church. We were invited a few times, and we came to the Easter egg hunt and had a bit of an eye opener. We found an inviting atmosphere, relaxed and eager to share the Gospel without the pushiness of a used car salesman. We attended services the next day and were VERY happy that we did.

Our lives have changed from there.  We finally saw that God is with us as a family. Jana and I have found out what it’s like to be part of a church family, and most importantly HOW TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WTH GOD. The relationship part seemed to be missing before. Church attendance seemed more robotic than anything else. Here we have found a church family. I know this is not huge to some families, but one change I have really enjoyed is our family prays and gives thanks before dinner now. That did not happen before, ever. Now we are all calling out dibs on prayer, the same way someone would call shotgun on a ride to the store. We share what we are thankful for, and I am very thankful for all the things that my children have to be thankful for, even if supper is getting cold. We are truly blessed.

Our children have given their life to Christ and share the gospel with anyone that will listen. Timothy, the one who went to Beach Club all 3 years and badgered us almost daily about going to church, gave his life to Christ in the 3rd grade. Ms. Janet and Pastor Jay baptized him soon afterward.

Every bit of this started with KiDs Beach Club®. We weren't getting off of our backsides and God used Beach Club and an 8 year old to get us back in the fold.

Click here to listen to an interview from Pastor Jay Bruner as he talks about the Lowery family during The Chris Krok Show on WBAP Radio.


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