Sep 29 11:07 AM

Beach Club Effective in Changing Kids’ Lives

Sep 29 11:07 AM
Sep 29 11:07 AM

Karyn Streaker serves as the Beach Club leader at North Woolmarket Elementary School in Biloxi, Miss., and speaks highly of how KiDs Beach Club® is impacting the children at the school in her community. She knows of the impact not only because she is the club leader, but because she is also a fifth-grade teacher at the school.

“I get the privilege of seeing the kids during the school day and during Beach Club,” Streaker said.

During the five years that Woolmarket Baptist Church has sponsored a Beach Club, Streaker has had many of her students attend Beach Club, allowing her the opportunity to share her faith with her students who attend the after-school club and teach them how to use the Bible. 

The students at the school have recess only once a week. “I have a group of kids who bring their Bibles to recess,” Streaker said.

These children trade their time to run and play on the playground to sit together and study God’s word. Other children choose their KBC Explorer Study Bible to read during free reading time in class. Streaker is pleased to see them read their Bible when they could pick any of the other books that might be more popular among their peers.

Students are learning about the Bible in Beach Club, and they are also learning character. Streaker had a student named Maggie in her classroom that came to know Jesus through KiDs Beach Club®. Maggie and her two younger brothers all made Jesus their Friend at Beach Club and were able to share what they learned in club to their parents in a remarkable way.

Maggie came running through the school hallway one morning to find her teacher and tell the story of what had happened the night before. Maggie proceeded to say that her whole family was out at the grocery store when a man approached them needing money for gas and groceries. Maggie and her brothers told their dad how they learned about compassion in Beach Club. 

With the Bible story, they convinced their dad to help the man buy what he needed. 

“They were able to live out the character word and share the Bible story with their family,” Streaker said. “The impact of Beach Club and what it does for students is just a phenomenal thing to witness.”




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