Apr 29 7:55 AM


Apr 29 7:55 AM
Apr 29 7:55 AM

Check out what Discovery Church in Orlando, Florida,
did for their year-end Beach Club®!

Sadly, the school year is coming to a close. Many schools have already had their final Club for the year, and by the next issue of the Surf Report, the KiDs Beach Club® 2023-24 school year will officially be "in the books."

Discovery Church in Orlando, Florida, recently held their final Club at Lancaster Elementary School. Club Leader Kerri Attaway shared some of the great ideas they implemented to recognize the clubbers on their final day. These ideas were just too good not to share with everyone!

For starters, Surf Team Leaders were challenged to think about each individual child in their Surf Team and decide which character word best described them. During the final Club, Surf Team Leaders were prepared with one sentence to describe why they chose that character word for the child. Kids were even presented certificates with "their personalized character word!"

Discovery Church didn't just do a little production at that last Club, either. They did it big-time, celebrating each and every child with a pizza bash!

  • They played games with the kids on matching the definitions to the character word.
  • They recognized the kids with perfect attendance.
  • They recognized the kids who brought back the most Hang 10 Challenges during the year.
  • They recognized the kids who brought their Bibles the most all year long.
  • They honored the 5th graders and sent them off with prayers of blessing as they moved into another phase of development.

Kerri shared with us that this bash was not about making sure every child got something. It was about making sure every child knew they had Kingdom significance. Some of the kids who attend Club are ones that never get recognized for achievements at school. In truth, the behavior of some can be a weekly challenge. The rewards and recognition were a great reminder that God loves each and every child, well-behaved or not!

Thank you, Kerri, for sharing your story with us and for FINISHING STRONG!


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