Apr 26 3:13 PM

Former Probation Officer Now Leading Kids to Success with the Gospel

Apr 26 3:13 PM
Apr 26 3:13 PM

Michael Proctor volunteers at the Beach Club at Mohawk Elementary in Plano, Texas every Friday afternoon. He has been faithfully serving with KiDs Beach Club® for a few years, but visiting public schools is nothing new to him.

Proctor, now 20 years retired, spent years serving as a juvenile probation officer. He logged a lot of time in public schools and considers it a joy to be back volunteering in the public school system. The big difference is that this time he is sharing the Good News of Jesus instead of dealing with troubled kids.

Proctor is amazed that he is allowed to go into public schools with his church through KiDs Beach Club® to share the gospel. 

He says it is a great thing to be able to reach these children at such a young age and influence them positively, rather than trying to reach them after they may have made some negative life choices.

“More needs to be put into prevention,” Proctor explained. “Instead of dealing with things after they have already happened. That is what this program is about.”

KiDs Beach Club® is teaching children the word of God so that as they grow and mature they will make better life choices, instead of negative ones. The truth of scripture is incorporated in every club meeting, which reinforces the character words taught each week in club and in the elementary schools themselves. The vision of KiDs Beach Club® is for every child to have a Jesus experience within the culture of their elementary school.

Proctor has had the same core group of boys in his surf team each school year since he started serving in Beach Club. He has had the joy of pouring into this group, teaching them about the Bible and watching them grow with the Lord.

Proctor enjoys loving on these kids, many of whom view him as a grandparent-type figure. He feels he is seen as their authority, but in a softer light than that of their schoolteacher. With some children not having a grandparent, this relationship is especially treasured.

Proctor, who serves in Beach Club with his wife, encourages everyone to get out and volunteer. “You’ll find it has more benefits than you realize,” he said.

Probation Officer to Surf Team Leader from KiDs Beach Club on Vimeo.




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