May 16 9:56 AM

“Hang 10” Summer Reading Program Starts May 27

May 16 9:56 AM
May 16 9:56 AM

School is almost out! But, did you know that you can still enjoy KiDs Beach Club® throughout the summer? With KBC Explorer’s Study Bibles in kids’ hands and in their homes, boys and girls can continue learning with Beach Club. Once again, this summer, KiDs Beach Club® is providing a summer Bible reading plan for kids and their families.

“Hang 10” is the phrase that KiDs Beach Club® uses to encourage kids to hang out with God for 10 minutes each day reading the Bible and in prayer. At the end of each club meeting, kids are given “Hang 10 Pages” to take home and use as a guide to spend time with God each day.

The Hang 10 Summer Reading Program continues building and strengthening these habits of daily Bible reading and prayer. This year’s Summer Reading Program focuses on walking kids through the Bible, using stories selected from each Bible book. Each week for 14 weeks, beginning the Sunday before Memorial Day and continuing through the Sunday before Labor Day, the plan will provide daily Bible readings designed to help kids dig deep into the Bible.

The featured stories include: creation (Genesis), David and Goliath (1 Samuel), Esther Becomes Queen (Esther), God’s Love for Jacob (Malachi), and Matthew Follows Jesus (Matthew).

Better yet, the Summer Reading Program isn’t just for kids! We are encouraging everyone to “Hang 10” this summer. Parents, teachers, volunteers and other Beach Club supporters can lead by example and spend at least 10 minutes each day with God through Bible reading and prayer.

We hope you will stay connected to KiDs Beach Club® during the summer. We would love to see you, your children and your grandchildren with their KBC Study Bible. Please follow us at @KiDsBeachClub on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and be sure to like, comment and share your own posts and photos by using the hashtag #Hang10SRP or #MyKBCBible.

Look for the Hang 10 Summer Reading Program in your inbox and on our website next week!

The Hang 10 Summer Reading Program has been written for best use with the KBC Explorer’s Study Bible, which is given to every child in every Beach Club. If you do not have the KBC Study Bible and would like one, it is available for only $20 in the Surf Shop.




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