Nov 22 11:01 AM

Hodges is Sharing His Love through KiDs Beach Club

Nov 22 11:01 AM
Nov 22 11:01 AM

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The greatest calling we have as those who are created in the image of God, is to share God’s love with others. Of course, there are countless ways of sharing His love and your support of KiDs Beach Club® has provided multiple opportunities every week to bring God’s love onto the campuses of public schools throughout America. 

Hodges Elementary in Balch Springs, Texas is one of the many schools where Beach Club is active in sharing His love each week. Earlier this month the campus suffered two tragic events, the passing of a sixth-grade boy from cancer and within a matter of hours, the unexpected death of a faculty member’s husband. Both were impactful and very difficult losses for Hodges principal Dr. Kim Broadway. 

“We lost a sixth grade student yesterday, so we had to go from classroom to classroom to tell the students,” Broadway said. “They already knew that he had been ill but most kids don’t realize that death is a real possibility, so when that kind of things happens, the main point of that message that I always want to share is that the only hope through death is through Christ. As a principal in the classroom setting, it’s not an option for me to throw that out there but in KiDs Beach Club®, it is. So I made that most important point with my sixth grade students today.”

Broadway, who was instrumental in bringing a Beach Club to Hodges this year, had previously marked her calendar to be present in the Beach Club on November 3, so she could help hand out Bibles to the club’s 207 children on Great Treasure Day. Those tragic deaths happened just one day before Great Treasure Day and little did she know the impact this day would have for both her and the children. At the end of club, she gathered the sixth grade students on the stage to be with them, talk about the tragedy and lead them in prayer.

“Yes, they’ve been talking about it and obviously dealing with grief is different for each individual but for most, just talking helps so they’ve been talking about it all day and definitely want to pray about it,” Broadway said. “We have a pretty good group of sixth graders in here. They’re going to share the love of Christ through that tragedy, in a big part because of KiDs Beach Club®, I have no doubt.”

Pastor Alex Gonzales, whose church, Hickory Tree Baptist Church, sponsors the Beach Club at Hodges Elementary echoed Dr. Broadway’s sentiments.

“I can think of no better opportunity to share His love with the kids at Hodges Elementary who are a part of KiDs Beach Club® about (the boy’s) battle with cancer and more importantly, his love for Jesus,” Gonzales said. 

“Dr. Broadway's bold presence and assurance in sharing with the kids that day about the hope that is found in Christ is why we're incredibly grateful for the ministry of KiDs Beach Club®. Because it allows us a trust and platform to share with the kids we're reaching. In turn, our prayer is they will share with their friends.” 

So, for you, as parents, who allow your precious children to participate in Beach Club each week, who are sharing His love by inviting their friends, memorizing and sharing Bible verses each week, thank you.

For you, as one of thousands of volunteers, passionate about sharing His love by praying for each child and teaching them God’s word, thank you.

And for you, our donors, who are generously sharing His love with financial gifts to purchase Bibles for every one of our 10,000-plus children as well as all the expenses that go along with renting the school facilities, providing the funds for training, background checks, insurance and personnel, thank you. 

We all have an amazing opportunity to be part of sharing His love next week on Giving Tuesday, the international day of giving that brings non profits, donors, businesses, and communities together to celebrate generosity and the impact of giving back. If you feel led to give a financial gift to KiDs Beach Club®, please click here. We have already handed out nearly 8,000 of the 10,000 KBC Explorer’s Study Bibles we’ve ordered this year and will have several new clubs starting in the spring. Your gift will greatly help us purchase more Bibles for many children who don’t have a Bible.

You can also help us raise awareness about how KiDs Beach Club® is sharing His love. Please visit our social media page at, follow us and share our posts with your friends and family next week, all day long on Giving Tuesday. 

Together we are sharing His love and making Jesus Cool at School!





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