Nov 15 10:29 AM

KBC Study Bibles Make the Perfect Gift

Nov 15 10:29 AM
Nov 15 10:29 AM

How much thought have you put into your Christmas shopping this year? May we suggest a KiDs Beach Club® Explorer’s Study Bible for your children, grand-children, nieces and/or nephews that don’t have a Beach Club to attend?

The kids in Beach Club love reading the KBC Study Bible because it features many fun illustrations and study applications that make it fun reading for pre-teens and teenagers. The KBC Study Bible also features colorful tip-in pages that feature topics such as how to read the Bible, how spend time with God, the 10 Commandments, different heroes of the Bible and where to read their stories. It also features the complete gospel presentation for those children who haven’t yet chosen to make Jesus their Forever Friend, Lord and Savior.

Giving the KBC Explorer’s Study Bible reminds us of a story in December of 2014 when a group of legal assistants chose to show honor the attorneys in their office by making a donation on their behalf to provide children in public elementary schools with their very own KBC Study Bibles. Some of the attorneys said it was the best gift they had ever received.

Share the blessing of God’s word this Christmas and purchase the KBC Explorer’s Study Bible on our website in the Surf Shop or if you prefer to make a donation to KiDs Beach Club® to help place Bibles in the hands of children next spring, you can give here.




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