Making a Difference from 8pm-Midnight
Nov 17 10:16 AM

Making a Difference from 8pm-Midnight

Nov 17 10:16 AM
Nov 17 10:16 AM

Everybody needs a champion. For KiDs Beach Club® our number one champion is Jesus Christ, who died for our sins and rose from the dead to give us eternal life. That is the exact same champion that Dallas/Fort Worth radio personality Chris Krok credits for turning his life around and giving him the passion to make a difference in this world. 

"When I was working in Atlanta 15 years ago, my job at WSB became my idol to the detriment  of my faith and my marriage. Our neighbors two doors down were committed Christians, walking closely with the Lord. Jim and Lori just sat, listened, and loved us. I saw what they had in their home, and I wanted what they had. The way they raised their children, the way they ran their home, they had peace. They led both my wife and me to the Lord."

Chris then made the commitment to live his life and use his platform on the radio for the Lord, and he has a very powerful platform. News Talk 820 WBAP Radio is a secular station heard in 48 states at night, which happens to be during Chris' 8pm - midnight shift during the week. "Over the years, God has sanded me down, refined me, to tell the stories, and instead of beating people over the head with something, I just do the show. People hear the values, and my faith will come out at the right times when God is prompting and leading. So, it's organic and natural."

In 2014, Chris heard about KiDs Beach Club®, which was part of his church's ministry. "I thought it was beautiful when I heard about it," Krok said. After being amazed that volunteers from his church were able to teach character education through the lens of scripture to 3rd - 6th grade kids in public schools, share the Gospel with them, and give each child a Bible, he made telling the story of this ministry a priority. KBC purchased two weeks worth of ads on Chris' show leading up to North Texas Giving Day, a philanthropic day for many non-profits based in the DFW metroplex. Then on the actual day of giving, Chris basically turned his entire show into a four-hour radio-thon to help raise money to purchase Bibles for the kids in public schools, which has totaled nearly $100,000 and ultimately put more than 5,000 Bibles into the hands of these children.

"When you really know it's of God, everything aligns. KiDs Beach Club® has been the way for me to help. It's amazing that we can share the Gospel in a public school. I actually get angry when people lazily say they have taken God out of the schools. We all used to say that, but it's not true anymore. I like to say to my audience, instead of spreading this false information, how about you help put God back into the school and praise the Lord, they have responded."

Part of the way Chris tells the story every year is by inviting KBC Founder and President Jack Terrell on his program for one or two segments as well as other friends of the ministry. This year's interview can be heard on the KiDs Beach Club podcast on our website, or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Chris is one of many examples of dedicated donors using their business platforms to grow God's Kingdom by promoting KBC, and the results are blessed by God. "My advice is to start praying for God to show you how and when to use your platform and influence to benefit this ministry," said Krok. "If you consistently pray about it and ask Him to show you opportunities, He will."

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