Nov 22 9:39 AM

Teaching Kids Character Through Service

Nov 22 9:39 AM
Nov 22 9:39 AM

First Baptist Church in Euless, Texas has enjoyed sponsoring a Beach Club at Meadow Creek Elementary in Bedford, Texas for several years. This year, the volunteers decided they wanted to add another unique element to their club.

Club leader Carla Moody started leading once-a-month service projects this school year. These projects let the Beach Club volunteers not only teach the children about character during club, but they also allow the kids to see how to live out with character.

Their most recent project was creating bags filled with food, hygiene products and other essentials for the children to take home and give away to someone in need. The volunteers encouraged them to keep the bags in the car with them so they could be ready to give it away when they saw someone in need.

This gave Paul Tinguely the opportunity to share with the kids that “when you make Jesus your Forever Friend, He will speak to your heart! And Jesus will help you know who you should give your bag to!”

The children were given empty bags, instructed to visit each “filling station,” and told grab one item at each station. There were socks, snacks, deodorant, toothbrushes, water bottles, tissues, chap stick and a local hotel even donated all kinds of soap for the occasion. Once the bags were created, the kids divided back into their surf teams.

One little girl immediately grabbed her memory link card and put it in the bag she had just assembled. Surf team leader Nora Solis told her she needed to have that card for what they going to do next as a surf team. The little girl was adamant to Solis that her memory link card should go into her bag, “So they can learn about God!”

Each girl then wanted to add a note with the memory link for their bags, too. Then, as they went through their prayer requests, most girls wrote down prayers for who would receive their bag. One of the younger girls specifically wrote, “God ples Help the Homlis (God, please Help the Homeless).”

It’s important to the volunteers to do these projects because, “I don’t think these kids get it anywhere else,” surf team leader Doug Brown said. Moody added, “It’s important to give kids ideas and show them how we serve others.”

The children were encouraged once they found someone to give their bag to, to make another with their parents to keep blessing others. They were excited to assemble the bags together with their friends and even more excited to find someone to give their bags to.

“Even if you’re small you still have the ability to make the community better,” Moody told them before they did the project. “If you feel like what you’re doing is small, if it is done in His name, it’s big.”




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