Jul 09 12:02 PM

Connecting with Families

Jul 09 12:02 PM
Jul 09 12:02 PM

One of our super volunteers, Tara Seidman, shares two opportunities she had to connect with family members of Beach Clubbers and minister to them personally.

I met with a momma of a brand new Beach Clubber.  Her daughter had come for the first time and started crying at the end of my lesson, during the prayer.  Her grandmother had passed away and I think the quiet moment triggered those emotions.  This family doesn't go to church and her tears were an open door for me to connect with this mom. On her permission form for where they list the church they attend, the mom put "one time only."  It's like she was saying, "Hey!  We don't go to church!  Come talk to me about it!"  When I followed up with her concerning her daughter, she told me more than once, "thanks for reaching out!"  I love the vehicle of KiDs Beach Club® to connect with families!

Not long after that, I met with another momma.  Actually, she's a grandmother who is raising her two grandsons.  They had just moved here from Alabama.   Mom is in Afghanistan and has been in full time service to our country almost all of her boys' lives.  When I called to see if I could get her to sign an "ouch report," I found out that she had been in the hospital for a week and awaiting cancer test results.  I was able to visit with her for an hour at their home and the next week her boys came over after Club to hang out at my house, just connecting with other boys in the neighborhood.  Again, this wouldn't have happened without KBC!

These are just two testimonies from my little world.  Now multiply that times all of your leaders and kids!  God is doing amazing things through this ministry that isn't always displayed in numbers or in a way that can be put on a chart.  He is doing things in people's hearts, and I LOVE that!

~ Tara


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