Background Checks

Volunteer Background Check Process

All volunteers who serve in a Beach Club, must complete a KBC background check before they can serve in club. They are required to watch a video about our policies and procedures, read the KBC Policies and Procedures document and agree to the organization’s Statement of Faith. Once a prospective volunteer verifies they have watched the video and read those documents, they will proceed to their background check. 

  1. Click the link below or on the orange LOGIN tab at the bottom of any page of the KBC website

  2. Select Volunteer Background Check

  3. View video: Policies and Procedures

  4. Read the KBC Policies and Procedures document and the KBC Statement of Faith

  5. Complete an Agreement Form in its entirety

  6. Select Submit and Continue to Background Check

  7. Click on Please complete your background check

  8. Select your School District and then your School

  9. Select Apply for Position

  10. Complete the application in its entirety and select Submit

Begin Volunteer Background Check