Aug 30 4:28 PM

Leadership Luaus are Getting Beach Club Volunteers Ready for Fall

Aug 30 4:28 PM
Aug 30 4:28 PM

KBC’s mission is to mobilize the church to go outside its walls to take the message of Jesus Christ into the heart of its community, which is the local public elementary school. Thousands of volunteers from churches all over the country are busy preparing to kick off another year of connecting kids to Christ and putting Bibles in their hands. 

Leadership Luau is an event designed to equip and inspire these dedicated volunteers to effectively reach kids with the hope of Jesus Christ and present the truth of God’s word. This year’s emphasis is on igniting passion to teach kids the truth of God’s word and included practical ways leaders can weave the gospel message into every element of Beach Club.

Volunteers were also reminded that Beach Clubs meet for one hour per week for 24 weeks of the school year. That’s 24 hours. It’s the equivalent of one day. Leaders are encouraged to make the 24 hours in Beach Club as impactful as possible by staying focused on our vision to give every child a Jesus experience in their public elementary school.

In the last few weeks, KBC has already hosted Leadership Luau events in Andrews, Texas; Augusta, Ga.; Bartlett, Tenn.; Devil’s Lake, N.D.; Frankfort, Ky.; Richardson, Texas; and, Weatherford, Texas.

Here’s what a few volunteers had to say about their experience at Leadership Luau:

“I liked the way that the components of the program were introduced to the new and returning leaders so that each group was able to see the ‘what, why and how’ of the program.”
-- Linda, Southaven Intermediate, Southaven Miss.

“Passion for this ministry on display by the speakers was contagious. I have a genuine opportunity to make a difference in children's lives. I need to pray more about my role and prepare better every week; stay attuned to opportunities that may be presented each KBC day.”
-- Diana, Austin Elementary, Sunnyvale Texas 

“I loved seeing the numbers from all other clubs! I was truly amazed at how God has His hand of favor on Kids Beach Club! That in its self was awesome, but the stories that Brother Jack shared were so encouraging. I also love the new curriculum. I really like the new layout and I think for a lot of people it will be easier to follow. The leadership manual is definitely a plus!”
-- Michelle, Bon Lin Elementary, Bartlett, Tenn. 

“It was a blessing to hear all of the information that the leaders shared, and a delightful encouragement to see everyone there and hear the testimonies that were shared.”
-- Jone, Mohawk Elementary, Richardson Texas

If you haven’t been able to attend a Leadership Luau yet, do not worry. KBC is hosting more Leadership Luau events in the coming weeks. Make plans to attend and register for the Leadership Luau nearest you: Atlanta, Ga.; Baytown, Texas; Biloxi, Miss.; Ennis, Texas; Orlando, Fla.; and, Southlake, Texas. 

Even if you have attended a similar KBC event in the past, you won’t want to miss this event this year! For more information and to register for one of these events, visit



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