Jul 19 10:49 AM

Learn More about the Bible You’re Helping Put in Children’s Hands

Jul 19 10:49 AM
Jul 19 10:49 AM

By now you know that KiDs Beach Club® gives a KBC Explorer’s Study Bible to every child in every Beach Club. Many of you help in this effort with your monthly donations. Some of you even help in the distribution process as a Beach Club volunteer. 

During the last school year, KiDs Beach Club® handed out more than 8,300 Bibles. In the 10-plus years KBC has been giving out Bibles, more than 40,000 kids have received a Bible. For many of them, it’s their first.

Only 38 percent of children who enroll in Beach Club claim to have a church home on their permission form when they start club. Sixty-two percent do not! So, for most, not only might the KBC Bible be their first, it might also be the first Bible in their home.

“The most important thing about handing out these Bibles is that many of the kids might not have ever had a chance to own a Bible or even ever read the Bible,” David Griffin, a pastor at Community Life Church in Forney said. “One of the exciting things is that many of these students don’t even have access to a Bible, so to give them the opportunity to have a Bible to call their own, means a great deal.”

The KBC Explorer’s Study Bible is designed to be easy to read. One dad of a Beach Club kid asked the principal at his child’s school where he could get a copy of a KiDs Beach Club® Bible for himself. He said his son had one and it seemed easy to read. The principal suggested that he sit with his son and read it together. He was surprised that he hadn't thought of that and now they read God’s word together.

KiDs Beach Club partnered with publishing company Tommy Nelson to create the KBC Explorer’s Study Bible, which is handed out on Great Treasure Day, the fifth week of Beach Club.

“This Study Bible has been richly enhanced by the four-color cover designed by KiDs Beach Club as well as the insert pages interspersed throughout the New King James Explorer’s Study Bible,” said Dana Long, a Bible designer at Tommy Nelson.

The special features of the KiDs Beach Club® Explorer’s Study Bible include Word Decoders, which are a compass to the meaning of Bible terms; Discoveries, which allow readers to experience living in Bible times; Bible Treasures, which helps readers learn wisdom from the lessons learned by Bible characters; and Digging In, which allows readers to find rich treasures in story backgrounds, the meaning of key passages and more.

“Each of these insert pages help kids grasp the plan of salvation and the essentials of the Christian faith with age-appropriate language and artwork,” Long said. “The insert pages cover topics such as ‘How to be saved,’ ‘Who is God?’ and ‘What is He like?’ ‘Who Jesus is?’ and ‘What He has in store for each child that trusts in Him.’”

There is also a full-page spread highlighting the great commandment and another for the great commission.

We have put all the insert pages on our website and hope you will take the opportunity to learn more about the Bible your helping to put in the hands of children.

Thank you for your continued support of the Bibles for Beach Club program. If you are interested in becoming a monthly Bible donor, please visit: kidsbeachclub.org/bibles.





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