Welcome to the World of KiDs Beach Club®


  “If your Church or Children's Ministry were to go away or no longer exist, how long would it take for
   your community to notice your ministry is missing?"

KiDs Beach Club
® seeks to make Christ relevant within the community by providing Christ followers an opportunity to serve at the very heart of every neighborhood... the public elementary school.

Our Objectives:
  • Impact Communities for the Kingdom
    • For 24 weeks you are "outside" the walls of your church
    • Communication link of church events & activities
  • Share Christ in Public Schools
    • 2001 Supreme Court ruling affirming the Equal Access Law
    • Statistics indicate a much greater success in reaching people before age 12
    • 30 percent of all children attending a Beach Club have NO concept of Christ
  • Foster Life Change in the Hearts of Children
    • Values taught by the Bible
    • A KBC Bible given to every child in club (average club size: 78)
    • Changes the "culture" of the school
    • Children are empowered to invite their friends to club
  • Connect Families to a Church Family
    • Hundreds of prospective kids and families are in our data system
    • More moms and dads for you to ask to volunteer in your ministry
    • 62 percent of all children enrolled indicate NO church affiliation

KiDs Beach Club® is a "connector" linking a local church to a neighborhood elementary school. To see a list of our partnering churches and schools click here.

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