Oct 10 2:32 PM

Great Treasure Day Makes a Difference for Kids and Families

Oct 10 2:32 PM
Oct 10 2:32 PM

Great Treasure Day is the day we hand out a KiDs Beach Club Explorer’s Study Bible to every child in every Beach Club who has not yet received one. Yes, it is legal to give Bibles to kids in public schools and for public school kids to bring their Bibles to school.

God’s word is the greatest treasure on earth, and it is the centerpiece of KiDs Beach Club®. We want every child to have their very own copy to read, study, share and grow from making a daily and eternal impact on their lives. 

Mesquite, Texas Club Leader Aubrey Eudy talked about his recent experience with Great Treasure Day. “In the last two days, I’ve passed out close to 100 Bibles. We are reaching a lot of people. A lot of kids are teaching their parents. A lot of parents are finding out who Jesus truly is.”

In KiDs Beach Club®, we use the Bible as a moral standard and the plumb line for character education. Good character starts from a transformed heart. God’s own perfect character is revealed in His word. When every child has a Bible of their own, they are better equipped to learn God’s word and to live God’s way. And that’s why KiDs Beach Club® is excited to have handed out over 70,000 bibles since 2003!


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