Sep 29 1:46 PM

Great Treasure Day is Around the Corner

Sep 29 1:46 PM
Sep 29 1:46 PM

Great Treasure Day – the day children receive their own KBC Explorer’s Study Bible – is just around the corner.

God’s word is the greatest treasure on earth and it is the centerpiece of KiDs Beach Club®. We want every child to have their very own copy to read, study, share and grow from, making a daily and eternal impact on their lives. This is a fun and exciting day for all involved.

Great Treasure Day is different for every Beach Club and usually takes place during the fifth club meeting each year. Most of those will fall in the month of October though some Beach Clubs will celebrate in November. There are even some Beach Clubs that have already had their Great Treasure Day, like the one pictured here from Hood-Case Elementary in Alvin, Texas, which celebrated Great Treasure Day on September 26.

Bibles are provided to the children and the churches at no cost thanks to our many great Bibles for Beach Club donors whether they give at the annual dinner and auction or are a recurring Bible donor. 

We want to encourage everyone to take photos and videos during their Great Treasure Day and to share them with us at KiDs Beach Club®. You can share them on social media by using the hashtags #KiDsBeachClub or #GreatTreasureDay. Also, you can email them to us at Remember, when taking video with your smart phone, please turn it on its side so that the long edge of the device is parallel to the floor.




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