Aug 28 1:06 PM

Calling all Photographers: Amateur or Pro!

Aug 28 1:06 PM
Aug 28 1:06 PM


Are you the designated photographer for family photos?
Do you often hear, "You have a great eye!"?

If so, WE NEED YOU on our Beach Patrol photo team!
We especially need YOU during our Great Treasure Day in local Clubs to capture memories!

 (Background check required for all photo volunteers due to proximity with children.)

Ready to use your gifts for the Kingdom? 
Volunteer Application & Background Check

Email us today  for more information!

Aug 28 12:15 PM

North Texas Giving Day: September 21, 2023

Aug 28 12:15 PM
Aug 28 12:15 PM

Find Your Passion. Give with Purpose.
(...and DREAM BIG: Our goal: $30,000!)

Regardless of where you live, we invite you to participate in the upcoming North Texas Giving Day. This is a day of giving set aside for North Texas non-profit organizations like KiDs Beach Club® to raise funds.

Our theme this year is Cultivating Character. Everything KBC does involves teaching Biblical character to preteens. George Barna, in his book Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions, explains that “if you want to shape a person’s life, it is during the ages of five and 12 that lifelong habits, values, beliefs and attitudes are formed.” We must reach kids when they are most open, and that is during the preteen years.

From our very beginning roots, Beach Clubs® have taught character through the lens of the Bible. Now through our global television show, KiDs on Character Radio, and even through our secular curriculum CharacterLeads®,we are cultivating character in preteens.

In faith, we've set a big goal this year: $30,000! Thankfully, we serve a big God! 

Imagine this: We currently have 525 registered Club volunteers this year.
What if each of these volunteers gave just $20? We would already be at a third of our goal!

Early giving is already open, and we've made it super easy, to give!

From your mobile device, text: NTXGD to 91999!

Or click the button --> Give Securely Online

Aug 28 11:58 AM

KBC Welcomes New Staff Member: Craig Vanbebber, VP of Ministry Relations

Aug 28 11:58 AM
Aug 28 11:58 AM




Craig Vanbebber joined KiDs Beach Club® in August 2023 as Vice President of Ministry Relations. In this role, Craig will oversee the development of relationships with KiDs Beach Club® supporters, stakeholders, and the media. As part of the KBC senior leadership team, Craig will help guide the organization to accomplish its mission effectively and efficiently. 

Craig has more than 45 years of communications, marketing, and business development experience, recently retiring from Fortune 100 company Lockheed Martin after a 31-year career. His extensive media relations experience includes regular interactions with outlets such as the Wall Street JournalNew York TimesWashington PostReutersThe Associated Press60 Minutes and all major national and local TV news stations.  

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing from the University of North Texas. Additionally, Craig has completed comprehensive on-site management development courses at Carnegie Mellon University and SMU.  

Craig has been active in his local church his entire life. He currently serves as a Connection Class teacher in the adult department of Cross City Church in Euless, TX. He has also taught children and youth for many years. 

He has been married to his wife, Sherry, since 1989. Together, they have two adult children, Austin and Hope, and a wonderful son-in-law Garrett. Sherry and Craig love traveling together and playing ball with their German Shorthaired Pointer, Gunner. 


<--Craig & his beatiful wife Sherry outside of Edinburgh Castle in Scotland

Aug 28 11:18 AM

KBC Announces New Partnership with Iran Alive Ministries

Aug 28 11:18 AM
Aug 28 11:18 AM

Reaching Preteens in Iran

"...You guys are an answer to our prayer because we know that the children today are going to be the leaders of tomorrow. It is important for us to pour into them the message of Gospel and help them connect with the God of this universe... Your program is just what we have been praying for! It's interactive. It's relatable. I am blown away by the quality that you guys are producing, the script that you're using for them. And so we are thrilled to be a partner with you, to be able to broadcast it to potentially 6 million viewers daily that get to hear this."     

---Lily Meschi, Director of Partner Relations, Iran Alive Ministries

What once was a dream for KiDs Beach Club® is now becoming a reality through a new partnership with Iran Alive Ministries (IAM.) Iran Alive is reaching Iranians with the Gospel, one soul at a time. They do this through broadcasting evangelistic programming into Iran via satellite 24-7, connecting new believers to house churches, smuggling Bibles through their underground church network, and through a Discipleship School. Soon, they will also reach Iranians and other Farsi-speaking countries with the Gospel through a Farsi-dubbed preteen program called KiDs Beach Club®! Yes, the initial steps have already begun toward dubbing KiDs Beach Club® TV into its first foreign language: Farsi. Praise God with us as we celebrate His goodness!

This podcast is a CAN'T MISS episode! Lily shares the compelling truth of Christian persecution in Iran and how KiDs Beach Club® TV is an answer to Iran Alive's prayers for reaching families in Iran!


Please pray for God to supply the needed funds for dubbing all 55 episodes of KBC TV into Farsi. Please consider making a designated gift today to offset the costs related to this project.


Designate Dubbing        Watch the Podcast      Learn more about Iran Alive Ministries

Jul 25 2:35 PM


Jul 25 2:35 PM
Jul 25 2:35 PM


RED LETTER AWARDS honors artists with exceptional talent that have created masterpieces with Kingdom intentions. KiDs Beach Club® TV has been nominated for a RED LETTER AWARD, but we need your help to add this accolade to our portfolio! Please take about 60 seconds to vote for us by following the instructions in the below graphic.

Awards and nominations like this are exciting, of course. But we know from Matthew that earthly treasures will rust and decay. No, it's not about "the win" but it is about the win for the Kingdom! With every nomination, award, and accolade we receive, it further brings credibility to the work that God continues to do through the ministry of KiDs Beach Club®. And THAT is what thrills us beyond any trophy or award we could ever receive!


Thank you for taking the time to vote! To God be the glory for all He has done and continues to do!

Jul 25 2:30 PM

Podcast update

Jul 25 2:30 PM
Jul 25 2:30 PM

You may have noticed that we haven't featured new podcasts lately. It's not because we don't want to. In fact, we have been working on a long list of people that we want to feature!

However, we believe the things we produce should be done with excellence, and we are desperately in need of new video equipment! If you or your church have recently upgraded your equipment, we would love to have a conversation about our A/V needs! Until then, stay tuned!

"Whatever your hand finds to do,
do it with all your might!"
Ecclesiastes 9:10

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