May 04 12:58 PM

Making Jesus Cool at HOME!

May 04 12:58 PM
May 04 12:58 PM

Nothing is impossible with God and that is exactly how His word continued to impact students and their families right in their homes during the COVID-19 school closures.  KiDs Beach Club® did not allow empty classrooms to hinder making Jesus cool at school and even at home!

“As we were trying to navigate the uncharted waters of school cancellationsas a result of the Coronavirus, we decided to provide additional resources so that our Beach Clubbers could continue to enjoy all the fun elements of Beach Club right in their homes,” said Jack Terrell, Founder and President of KBC.  In order to accomplish this, a team of Beach Club volunteers and staff partnered to compile six different lessons of Beach Club at HOME! a video version of what more than 10,000 kids experience in their after-school Bible clubs every week.

The team of Bible story, worship, and memory link leaders joined together in this exciting endeavor.  The success was unprecedented, and the results are amazing.  The Beach Club at Home! webpage has racked up more than 11,000 views and the videos also appeared on the social media pages of many of the KBC partnering churches and even schools!

During the six-week run, parents of Beach Club students shared stories and pictures of them having spiritual conversations with their kids while watching the programs. Several expressed their thankfulness for providing the club experience for their students that were looking for a sense of normalcy in all the chaos. “Laura loves the learning she is getting.  Please know your work is touching our little one in these shelter days,” said Scott, Beach Club parent from Arlington, Texas.

While Beach Club at Home! has come to an end, KiDs Beach Club® is preparing to be back in the schools next year and club leaders from all of states are excited to reconnect with their kids and continue to once again, make Jesus cool in school!

In the meantime, KiDs Beach Club® is providing a way for everyone to stay connected with the Lord during the summer months through the Hang 10 Summer Reading Program.  Click here to find out more about the reading plan which starts on May 24 and runs through August 29


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