Jan 21 12:28 PM

Save the Date: Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner is April 13

Jan 21 12:28 PM
Jan 21 12:28 PM

The 2019 Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner returns to Texas Motor Speedway on Saturday, April 13 for an evening of great food, fun and fellowship.

“The feedback from our donors following the 2017 Benefit Dinner at Texas Motor Speedway was so overwhelmingly positive that we decided to take it back to the track this year,” said Dave Crome, the KBC vice president of marketing and communications. “Our sponsors absolutely loved taking laps in the TMS pace cars before the dinner and seeing their business logos on the giant infield television, Big Hoss TV, the world’s largest TV screen.

“Our guests told us they enjoyed the entire experience. From the valet parking, photo booths, dine and dash, pick and play, live auctions and hearing Lee Strobel talk about the potential impact of buying Bibles for Beach Club kids, it was truly a special evening and we look forward to another one in April.”

The impact that our donors made purchasing Bibles that night’s dinner has been incredible.

  • One of those Bibles was given to Graceann during Great Treasure Day at Lakeview Elementary in Gun Barrel City, Texas. Reading that Bible led to Graceann making Jesus her Forever Friend and she noted that special day in the front of her Bible. A short time later, tragically, Graceann passed away during a family vacation, and to this day, her mother, who also has since become a believer, takes comfort that she will see her oldest daughter again one day. Read More

  • Another one of those Bibles was handed to Jamie during Great Treasure Day in 2017 at Gilbert Elementary in Irving, Texas. That was the 50,000th Bible that KiDs Beach Club® has given to children over the years and it wasn’t just Jamie’s first Bible, but the first one for her entire family. She said one of the reasons she was so excited to get it was, “so I can read it every night and tell my brother about Jesus.” Read More

  • One of the Bibles purchased at the 2017 benefit dinner went to James at Rutherford Elementary in Mesquite, Texas. He made a habit of bringing it back and forth to school in his backpack for several weeks, one day looked inside and couldn’t find it. Then when searching his home for it, spotted it, in the hands of his parents who were reading it. The club leader told James to let his parents keep that Bible and he would get him a new one so his parents would have a Bible to read and James could have one to bring to club and read, too. Read More

  • Yet another of those Bibles was given to Maggie during Great Treasure Day at North Woolmarket Elementary in Biloxi, Mississippi. Maggie and her two brothers all came to faith in Christ during Beach Club and they all read a Bible story about compassion. Shortly thereafter, Maggie couldn’t wait to tell her surf team leader about how she and family were able to demonstrate compassion at a grocery store as a man was looking for funds for food and gas. Maggie and her brothers told their dad how they learned about compassion in Beach Club and then their dad proceeded to help the man buy what he needed. Read More

  • And another Bible purchased by our donors at the 2017 benefit dinner went to a girl named Ydie at Austin Elementary in Grand Prairie, Texas. After receiving it on Great Treasure Day, she opened up her new Bible and started to flip through the pages with a smile. Then she wanted to highlight a verse but needed some help. Ydie is blind. One of the club volunteers then put Ydie’s hands where the verse was and told her which direction to go until it was highlighted. The volunteer said, “she just knew that highlighting was good to do for important things.” Despite her inability to physically see, Ydie understands the importance of God’s word and desires to interact with it. Read More

Those are just a few of the many stories that resulted from the generosity of those in attendance at the 2017 Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner. Because of the financial gifts that were given that night, KiDs Beach Club® was able to purchase 10,500 Bibles which turns out to be the amount needed to give Bibles to every child in every Beach Club for nearly two years.

“God never ceases to amaze me,” said Jack Terrell, the president and founder of KiDs Beach Club®. “He provided EXACTLY the number of Bibles we would need for 21 months, which is the gap between benefit dinners. The 220 Bibles that remain will be handed to Beach Club children on Great Treasure Day during several spring starts, so it’s time to place our next order and to the glory of the Lord, with the growth of KBC, we anticipate that order being between 15,000 and 20,000 copies of God’s love letter to us.”

We can’t place that order without your financial support. Continue to make an impact on the lives of thousands of kids in Beach Club by joining us at Texas Motor Speedway on April 13. Tickets go on sale February 13 on our website. If you can’t be with us that night and want to make a donation please visit kidsbeachclub.org/bibles.




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