Our Focus

Our Focus

By design, KiDs Beach Club® is geared to reach the preteen population. Kids between the age of 8 and 12 are the focus for our ministry. Studies show the chance of reaching people for Christ diminishes as they grow older. George Barna, in his book Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions, explained that, “if you want to shape a person’s life – it is during the ages of 5 and12; that lifelong habits, values, beliefs and attitudes are formed.”

Barna’s study, regarding at what age people come to accept Christ as savior, highlighted the importance of reaching them when they are young. It revealed the probability of people embracing Jesus as savior was 32 percent for those between the ages 5 and 12; 4 percent for those age 13-to-18 and 6 percent for people over the age of 19. His conclusion was very simple. If we don’t reach people with the gospel as children, the probability is that they may never come to faith in Christ.

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