Our Growth

Our Growth

Upon the launch of KiDs Beach Club® in January of 2006, there were 19 Beach Clubs operating in 19 elementary schools in the Dallas-Ft Worth area with a total enrollment of 1,441 children. By December that year, five more Beach Clubs were added. The spiritual power behind our growth flows from three central focuses: 

A Beach Club, is focused on preteen children age 8 to 12. It is at this age that studies reveal people are most tender to accepting Christ as savior. Each lesson taught in a Beach Club is age appropriate and contains a gospel message. Volunteers are equipped on using the lesson with the good news of the gospel woven in as well as instructed on how to give an age-appropriate invitation. Partnering churches are encouraged to use the language spoken from their church’s pulpit to be the same language used within the Beach Club when dealing with children and their conversation to Christ.

Strategic Locations
Engaging the preteen student where they live, learn and play requires churches to be strategic when going outside its walls. A current myth, believed by many, is public schools are a closed mission field. This is simply no longer accurate. God has created a wide-open door granting KiDs Beach Club® equal access to begin afterschool clubs. A public school’s gym, cafeteria or classroom is our strategic mission field and there is no need for a passport.

Rapid Replication
The overwhelming opportunity in public schools demands that an organization’s capacity for rapid growth be designed in the areas of partnership development, volunteer mobilization, training and support.

  1. Partnerships with public school districts demands that KiDs Beach Club® places a high priority on establishing public school and district partnerships across the United States. It is under our established partnerships that churches are granted the capacity to adopt a public school with the intentions of establishing an afterschool Beach Club.
  2. Operational support is provided by the church partner and private donations. At no point in time, are children asked nor expected to cover the cost of ministry on their public school campus.
  3. Mobilization of partnering churches onto a public school campus and the recruitment of volunteers is the key to the success of any Beach Club. Beach Club volunteers undergo a national background check, screened and then equipped to serve in a public school. Beach Club monitors the success of each club through club relations specialists located within each state operating Beach Clubs.

KiDs Beach Club®, operating first in North Texas, began growing into surrounding states with in its first few years. Oklahoma in 2004 was the first state outside of Texas. For four years it held that distinction. In 2008, Georgia opened followed by Florida and Mississippi in 2010. In 2011, Kentucky opened followed by South Carolina and West Virginia in 2012. North Dakota and Tennessee opened in 2013. In 2015, the state of Louisiana was opened and in 2017, Missouri began doing Beach Clubs.

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