Our Name

Our Name

Nearly everyone asks about the significance of the name KiDs Beach Club®. It originated from the 2003 challenge to go outside the walls of the church at First Euless. The children’s ministry was attracting and reaching children through its kids’ church called “Treasure Island.” The setting was a deserted Island. The crew of seven was shipwrecked and stranded on the beach from a storm that blew their ship off course. This effort, to connect children attending the Bible clubs to Treasure Island, is what generated the name Beach Club. It linked First Euless’ two ministries together, and kids loved it. 

However, when you fast forward to late November 2005, in the process of writing the Articles of Incorporation, a lawyer performed a name search over the Internet for “Beach Club.” That quickly yielded an unhealthy search revealing the name Beach Club was widely in use and not in a “kid friendly” way. Since the target audience was preteen kids, the idea emerged to simply add the name “KiDs” to the front of Beach Club. The second Internet search, using the name “KiDs Beach Club,” yielded better results. So the name was established, and the legal documents filed. On January 5, 2006, a new ministry was born. KiDs Beach Club®, a place where kids hangout and find treasure!

By now you are probably asking, “Why is the letter D capitalized in the word KiDs?” And no, it is not a typo. It is a significant reminder of the uniqueness of children. Early in Terrell’s ministry he served in Bossier City, Louisiana at an amazing church. First Bossier is a growing fellowship with a very healthy congregation that stemmed from a strong Sunday school program.

One Sunday morning, while visiting the elementary Sunday school classes, he walked into a second grade class where the teacher had asked the children to write down and color the new name of the children’s ministry, Kids Kingdom. Intrigued, he went around the room looking over the children’s artwork. He saw lots of colors and different sizes, but then one caught his eye. A little girl had written KiDs Kingdom. Terrell explained that the D did not need to be capitalized. Undaunted, she replied, “Yes, I know! But, I like it like that.”

That morning in a second grade Sunday school classroom, Father reminded Terrell of how special and unique children are. They are a precious gift from the Lord. Psalm 127:3, “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.” The capital D is his reminder of the uniqueness of each child and how they are a priceless gift from the Lord.

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