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What Makes KiDs Beach Club® Unique?

KiDs Beach Club® is a multi-dimensional ministry that serves as a bridge between churches and schools. Every element of KiDs Beach Club® fosters positive relationships and establishes ongoing partnerships between churches and schools to benefit the entire community.

Experience the KiDs Beach Club® Difference


  Church + School Partnerships

•  KBC highly values churches & education
•  KBC provides a service; we do not sell a product
•  KBC facilitates relationships between churches & schools
•  Beach Clubs only operate with a partnering church & a neighborhood school working together
•  KBC trains volunteers to build lasting relationships with school administration, kids & families
•  KBC volunteers come from both church & school
•  Volunteers serve in mentor-type relationships benefiting public school students

  Teaches Biblical Character

•  Reinforces character words taught in schools
•  Emphasizes the character of God
•  Uses the Bible as the plumb line for character


  KBC Explorer's Study Bible

•  Free study Bible to every Beach Club student
•  Kids use Bibles four times in every club meeting
•  Tip-in pages complement Beach Club content
•  Kids are given tools to encourage further Bible study at home


  Gospel Centered

•  Each lesson points to Jesus with a Gospel connect
•  The plan of salvation is shared every week


  Spiritually Responsible

•  Age appropriate Gospel presentations designed for preteens
•  Gospel explained responsibly, accurately and without pressure
•  Leaders trained on one-on-one spiritual conversations
•  Churches provided a tool to follow up with ongoing discipleship


  KiDs Online Management System

•  A tool that identifies un-churched families to connect them to a faith community for ongoing spiritual support
•  Tracks professions of faith & follow-up steps
•  Ability to export data, print reports & labels
•  Web-based attendance tracking software for club & church use
•  Church has access to Beach Club family contact info


  Preteen Focused

•  For 3rd through 6th-grade students
•  24 lessons written with 5th-grade boy in mind
•  Student centered; engages the whole child


  Energetic, Customizable Lessons

•  High-energy teaching plan
•  Multiple movement activities in each lesson
•  Clubs reflect the partner church culture, such as worship music selection
•  Activity options offered


  Large Group/Small Group Model

•  Large group teaching facilitated through Surf Teams (small groups)
•  Surf Team leaders build personal relationships with a small group of kids for one hour per week for 24 weeks
•  Maximum one leader for every 10 students


  Volunteers Screened & Trained

•  100 percent training in child protection & safety
•  All volunteers screened with national background checks, including sex offender searches
•  KBC staff & contracted Club Relations Specialists supervise club quality with regular club visits
•  Regular regional training events for club volunteers
•  Customizable training provided for individual clubs as needed


  Safe, Legal, Insured

•  Operates under legal parameters as permitted by the Equal Access Law
•  Volunteer screening & training
•  $1 million liability insurance policy for students & volunteers while in club
•  Lease agreements with school districts secured for 24 weeks during the school year


  Personalized Service

•  KBC Club Relations Specialists are contracted by KIDs Beach Club®
•  KBC Corporate Staff serves in support role for partnering churches
•  Free consultation services for churches beyond their Beach Club needs
•  Provides services like customizable promotional videos and one-on-one Beach Club training with a KBC Club Relations Specialist at no additional cost


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